The Future Of Web Design

Technology would hardly become popular in a visual world like ours if it was not for web design. The main issue of web design is to establish the harmony between beauty and functionality. After all, not everything that works pleases the look, and not everything that is beautiful is useful. But if a compromise can … Read more

Quantum computing, history and expectations

Although the first tangible results have only come in recent years, quantum computing is close to extinguishing its first 50 candles. What we must expect for the future After a long wait, the moment seems to have finally arrived. After years of research, experiments and prototypes, with slow and gradual progress, in recent times the … Read more

The future of cars is smart and connected

The future of the automotive sector will be characterized by increasingly intelligent means able to interact on the Internet. Here are the trends of the future The mania for technological gadgets and high technology in general has long plagued the world of automobiles. Beyond the various security devices controlled by the computerized control unit of … Read more

Future and web design perspectives

If, until a few years ago, the web designer was the job of the future, today the situation has definitely changed. Here because Not all stories, however long and apparently successful, are destined for the happy ending. Take, for example, the history of web design : everything starts in 1991 with the release of the … Read more

What is Responsive Web Design?

How do you call it, responsive web design or adaptive design? Wikipedia calls it adaptive or adaptive web design. Users call it responsive web design. Google Translate calls it “sensible design” and without a doubt, it seems the best adaptation (notes Siri). Either one name you use you are referring to the same, a type … Read more

Web Design Best Practices 2018

Each year brings a lot of new trends in web design. Some previous techniques persist, but web design best practices 2018 introduce a number of new and unavoidable practices. New possibilities appear and complement each other for the most part. One goal: to enable an optimal user experience. Here are some elements with which web … Read more