Discover Roberto Ascione’s book dedicated to the humanization of health thanks to its radical transformation driven by digital innovation

How will the medicine of the future be? And above all how will the way of thinking and living health change? The book answers these and other questions The future of health written by Roberto Ascione , entrepreneur and award-winning expert of Digital Health, for Hoepli.

Starting from an analysis of the present of the digital health , this book offers the concrete possibility to understand what will be the evolution of the sector expected in the coming years. The e real experiences of companies and startups, entrepreneurs and investors, innovators and scientists, who work every day to improve the lives of millions of people with innovative solutions and new technologies, representing a concrete way to make page by page a real journey in the disruption of the health universe.

The future of health It is undoubtedly an opportunity to know the stories of those who contribute to this unstoppable revolution every day. This is the case, for example, of Jeff Dachis that with the application One Drop helps people with diabetes to record, analyze and share information useful to manage their illness, or Matteo Berlucchi founder of Your.MD , a smart system that thanks to the Artificial Intelligence allows you to have a reliable opinion on your state of health. What is described by Roberto Ascione is a future made of remote controls via smartphone, app instead of medicines, personalized screening defined through big data and true ” digital therapies “Developed thanks to Artificial Intelligence. In this scenario defined by new players, such as technology giants, and by increasingly informed and aware patients, there is a need to govern a radical transformation of health which moves from a more digital-oriented medical education to a redefinition of health processes, including an unprecedented role of insurance. All to cope with the new demands and emerging paradigms of society.

The technological and digital transformation of health involves without a doubt strategic value and unparalleled economic that, according to forecasts, in 2024 will be about 400 billion dollars. The real revolution facilitated by new technologies is however the humanization of health because only with a cultural and human change can this revolution be completed.

The Future of Health
TITLE The future of health – How digital technology is revolutionizing medicine (and our life)
AUTHOR R. Ascione
PRICE € 22.90
PAGES VI – 258