eHealth, the challenge of the future: the example of Ireland

The Cork University Maternity Hospital goes online and chooses Cerner. Ireland accelerates towards eHealth, a crucial field for innovation and the future.

The Cork University Maternity Hospital , the largest Irish obstetric hospital, will go online thanks to Cerner before the end of the year. The goal for 2017 is to get through all 17 units on the territory to the new platform to share a single national electronic dossier system.

Richard Corbridge AD of eHealth Ireland presented the news of the reimplementation and validation of the system for the maternity context in Ireland by Cerner with these words:

eHealth Ireland chief executive Richard Corbridge told Digital Health News that Cerner had rebuilt and validated the system specifically for Ireland’s maternity context.
This will be a single instance across 17 hospitals to promote the sharing of information.

The first Health Innovation Week

Ireland has decided to accelerate decisively towards eHealth by promoting the first Health Innovation Week , started on November 19th and will end on the 24th, as well as starting the Individual Patient Identifier , key element of the Irish HSE strategy, launched as early as 2015.

No one now has more doubt that digital healthcare will be one of the main innovation fields in the coming months and years to come. Today, almost all European states have started their digitalization program of health, launching a race towards data sharing and the implementation of digital strategies for patient management, reports and anything that can increase efficiency. of the system and improve the service to the citizen.

The push local innovation and the role of Eggon

In this game Veneto is playing a central role in Italian and international digital evolution In fact, in recent years our region has become the hub of many initiatives in the field digital healthcare creating a context of great excellence in which to operate.

And in this direction we of Eggon we are developing projects and skills, on the one hand with the project Junior Bit of which we are technological partners, on the other hand developing Easily & Healthy , a new app for the management of clinical documentation, designed for the person and the family.

This article was originally published on LinkedIn November 23rd 2016

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