INACO launches the Future Crafts Guide on the first day of school

What will be the craftsmanship of the future? What are the emerging, transforming or even disappearing crafts? What will be the skills and skills most sought after by employers? How can we get them? There are some key questions to which the professional community of the reflection group INACO – Competitiveness Initiative – he responded plainly and clearly to everyone’s point.

“The Future Craft Guide proposes a virtual tour in the future, based on the latest research on the economy of the future, with many concrete examples of jobs that emerge, disappear or turn into a civic effort to inform, raise awareness and empower students , parents and teachers, of all those who want to keep up with the training trends. The Guide provides evidence through information and images on robotics, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, the blockchain, the Internet of all things, transport or the resources of the future, etc., but also the best structured forecasts of the economy and the job market “Said Andreea Paul, project coordinator and president of INACO, a non-governmental organization.

We live moments of technological and economic crossroads, known as industrial revolutions. Our parents and grandparents have already experienced three such revolutions, such as mechanization, electrification, computers and automation. At present, we are in the face of the fourth industrial revolution called 4.0 or the Digital Revolution. By 2025, it will make major changes. The consequences will be quickly seen in the way we live and work.

INACO believes that the system of school orientation and professional orientation does not sufficiently inform young people and does not form pupils for changes in the perspective of the structure of the labor force.

Too often, young graduates of various forms of secondary, vocational or university education do not work in the areas in which they have obtained their diplomas because they have not guessed which jobs are most sought after and take it from scratch other areas of activity or choose the way of emigration and unskilled work. The prospect is even more challenging to choose the right job in the immediate future. 85% of jobs in 2030 have not yet been invented, according to a Dell Technologies study. All fields of activity resume, from agriculture to trade, from industrial production to medicine. Known crafts such as the driver or any craft that can be replaced by an automaton is likely to disappear soon. The manual work will be replaced by the creative work. You will find the Map of the Future Crafts in this Guide, with many examples. New career opportunities will arise for which we would be well prepared right now “Says Andreea Paul.

This national and international context and the prospect of a future in which the paradigm of current jobs will radically change has prompted the community of expert members and collaborators of INACO to propose to the City Hall 3 a complex project that will connect 13 Bucharest high schools with the realities of the tomorrow’s labor market.

The Workers’ Guide to the Future is an INACO project in its first edition in 2018, with the support of Sector 3 City Hall, on the basis of a grant agreement signed this year following the open competition for NGOs: “The Future Craft Guide and Non- -formals with class XI-XII pupils in 3rd-grade high schools to choose their professional career. ” The authors of the Guide are: Andreea Paul, Alexandru Mironov, Alexandra Cernian, Izabela Lazar, Anca Tamas and Bogdan Dumitrescu. We thank our members and collaborators, the private co-financiers: SOCAR, ROMATERMIT, @ANDAN ELECTRON, BRM and CRISTIM that made this possible “Said Bogdan Dumitrescu, the communication expert of INACO.

The Future Crafts Guide will be the basis of 13 interactive, creative non-formal learning events co-ordinated by INACO experts to stimulate school participation and professional orientation of young people in the theoretical classrooms in 6 theoretical high schools and 7 technological high schools in the sector 3. More than 650 students, 150 parents and 78 teachers will be trained directly in the project.

Students enrolling in the Caravan of the Future Caravan will also be able to take part in an essay competition on how they project their professional career after the impact of the project activities, with prizes of 400 ROL in each of the 13 high schools included in the activities. The project will also be supported by online promotion on social networks, in the media and through spots in the promotional space of video panels in Bucharest. This INACO informative and instructive approach aims to provide a pilot program for the training of young people living in Romania, as well as being able to be active in other high schools in Bucharest or in the country, with the potential for educational action at national level, in the context of the stringent necessity of informing young people about the perspectives of their professional career “Says INACO President.

Dear students, parents and teachers, welcome to the new tomorrow’s jobs: uploads / 2018/09 / Ghidul- trades-future-6-sep- 2018.pdf

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