10 (ZECE) – In the centenary year, a documentary about the future of Romania, available online from May 21st

10 (ZECE) is the first part of a series of documentaries that present a changing society. Why do positive models be needed? What makes us take risks and how do the leaders emerge? What does an ideal Romania look like?

In developed societies, science and education are the priority themes. Technology is a catalyst for change and evolution. The impact on the environment is not neglected by those who implement initiatives that can be taken as examples at any time.

From solar houses, green buildings, to electric cars and power sources, to alternative food, urban agriculture, permaculture, ecotourism – all portray a new stream that has flourished in Romania. Specialists in sociology, ecology, psychology or technology give voice to a new thinking in Romanian society.

Interviews: Alexandru Mironov (writer), Vintila Mihailescu (anthropologist), Domnica Petrovai (psychologist), Marius Cosmeanu (sociologist), Zoli Toth (artist, musician), Alex Gavan Let’s Do It Romania!), Ivan Patzaichin (Rowmania), Doru Frolu (Rowmania), Cristian Lascu (Văcăreşti Natural Park), Dan Bărbulescu (The Park), Andrei Cosuleanu (Let’s Do It! Natural Vaccines), Felicia Ienculescu-Popovici (GreenMogo), Gabriel Diaconu (Permaculture Consultant), Anastasia Staicu (SNK Association), Mihai Toader Pasti (EFdeN), Oraan Marculescu (Science & Technology), Paul Badea (ARMS Association), Alexandru Teodorescu ), Marc Areny (inventor Logan electric), Călin Alexa (IFIN-HH), Bogdan Olteanu (UPC Romania), Ionut Budişteanu (inventor).

More than half of the Romanians own a smartphone. No matter where they are – on their way to the office or to the school, the subway or the bus station – the technology allows this movie to be seen from anywhere, anytime.

From May 21, 2018, Document 10 (ZECE) will be available free on site 10film.ro and on YouTube channel , to be seen by a large audience.

Figure 10 means excellence. Regardless of the field we have chosen to talk about, the stories we present can serve as an example, inspire us and give us confidence that there are initiatives in Romania that we were accustomed to hearing only in developed societies (see Demain, 2015) .

In one year of the Centenary, this film talks about Romania’s future. 10 Ten is for those who have lost hope that in Romania it may be good, but also for those who still believe, but do not have the courage to take a step forward. We do not have the culture of the initiative, we expect solutions and responses from the authorities. If we want to see the change or signs of progress, we need to get everyone involved.

Overwhelmed by politics, negative news, and the problems of everyday life, we need to be reminded that we are primarily responsible for the quality of our lives, for the job we choose, for helping others, the models we follow or the groups we decide to join us. Change is in each of us. ” says Nicoleta Talpeş, producer 10 (ZECE).

In October 2017, a preview of this film was presented in the opening GreenTech Film Festival , the first zero-CO2 festival in Romania. Filming took place between August and September 2017 in Bucharest and Alba-Iulia. The shifts for film production were made with electric cars to keep a low carbon footprint.

Documentary film 10 (ZECE) can be seen in full, for free, on www.10film.ro of 21 May 2018. Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbPVNKZ4HTU

Production, direction and script: Nicoleta Talpeş;
Assembly, Editing and Sound: Oana Ghiocel;
Voice: Marius Vintilă;
Music: Zoli Toth.

Movie Name: 10 ZECE

Gen film: Documentary

duration: 55 minutes

Premiere in Romania: May 21, 2018, on the website: www.10film.ro

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/10zecefilm

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5sNQnrduyuwYYpiwf2WCYw

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/10zece/

Website: www.10film.ro

PR & Press: office@imagefactory.ro

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Technology of The Future – Romanian point of view