The future of the US space program

ALL THESE WORLD ARE YOURSELF. EXCEPT EUROPE. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CHOOSE HERE. That’s what the mysterious gods of Arthur C. Clarke’s Space Odyssey were warning about the Jovian satellite, which we’ve been looking for for decades. Because there, under the thick layer of a few kilometers of ice on its surface, there is a … Read more

ASTROFEST 2018 – May 19th takes place the third edition of the Astronomy and Space Exploration Festival

Ladies and gentlemen, children and grandparents, passionate about astronomy or science in general – we invite you to ASTROFEST 2018 , the third edition of the Astronomy and Space Exploration Festival, organized by Science & Technology on May 19, at the National Library, starting at 16:00! For the S & T team, the ASTROFEST event … Read more

What is Responsive Web Design?

How do you call it, responsive web design or adaptive design? Wikipedia calls it adaptive or adaptive web design. Users call it responsive web design. Google Translate calls it “sensible design” and without a doubt, it seems the best adaptation (notes Siri). Either one name you use you are referring to the same, a type … Read more

Web Design Best Practices 2018

Each year brings a lot of new trends in web design. Some previous techniques persist, but web design best practices 2018 introduce a number of new and unavoidable practices. New possibilities appear and complement each other for the most part. One goal: to enable an optimal user experience. Here are some elements with which web … Read more