Will the future of OTC communication be Facebook?

Engage’s 3-minute appointments continue: OTC communication on Facebook and Instagram Facebook has launched an important campaign to sensitize pharmaceutical companies to use the social network for the promotion of over-the-counter products. Great opportunities but also strong limitations which risk distorting the relationship of these channels. In the new episode, Stefano Vitta introduces the evolution of … Read more

INACO launches the Future Crafts Guide on the first day of school

What will be the craftsmanship of the future? What are the emerging, transforming or even disappearing crafts? What will be the skills and skills most sought after by employers? How can we get them? There are some key questions to which the professional community of the reflection group INACO – Competitiveness Initiative – he responded … Read more

Inclusive innovation: the direction for which the future of cities and health passes

Inclusive innovation. This is the direction for which the future of cities and health passes. He is convinced of it Barry Greene , president of Alnylam , biotech, founded in 2002, involved in the translation of RNA interference (RNAi) into a new class of innovative drugs for patients with limited or inadequate therapeutic options. President, … Read more

Conducting examinations: training to have accurate reports

To get accurate telemedicine investing in a training for exams with the professionals responsible for this service in the clinic. Telemedicine is an important strategy for optimizing the process of issuing reports – done remotely -, reducing costs and improving patient care. In addition, this technology also provides greater accuracy and agility in delivering reports, … Read more