What is eHealth?

Digital transformation has come to power and the use of technology continues to make strides in this area. The innovations in the different segments are so many that it was necessary to create a specific term to group them: it is the eHealth or “digital health,” a world-wide concept that addresses digital tools and solutions … Read more

Technological advances in health: what solutions to apply

The progress that medical science has presented in recent years is directly linked to technological advances in health. The applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data in the industry are numerous. From the electronic medical record to diagnosis, “smart” computers help give quicker and more accurate answers than a few … Read more

Digital Health: the medicine of the near future?

We are witnessing the birth of a new cultural, organizational and technological paradigm destined, in the next few years, to significantly change healthcare at an international level. The phenomenon of Digital Health has revolutionized the way in which a patient accesses medical information: first the only intermediary was his own doctor, today anyone can become … Read more

The Future of Health – How digital technology is revolutionizing medicine (and our life)

Discover Roberto Ascione’s book dedicated to the humanization of health thanks to its radical transformation driven by digital innovation How will the medicine of the future be? And above all how will the way of thinking and living health change? The book answers these and other questions The future of health written by Roberto Ascione … Read more