Will the future of OTC communication be Facebook?

Engage’s 3-minute appointments continue: OTC communication on Facebook and Instagram Facebook has launched an important campaign to sensitize pharmaceutical companies to use the social network for the promotion of over-the-counter products. Great opportunities but also strong limitations which risk distorting the relationship of these channels. In the new episode, Stefano Vitta introduces the evolution of … Read more

Conducting examinations: training to have accurate reports

To get accurate telemedicine investing in a training for exams with the professionals responsible for this service in the clinic. Telemedicine is an important strategy for optimizing the process of issuing reports – done remotely -, reducing costs and improving patient care. In addition, this technology also provides greater accuracy and agility in delivering reports, … Read more

7 medical specialties benefited by telemedicine

THE telemedicine is an important tool for the health business, because it brings economics and agility in performing the exams and delivering the reports to the patients. The technology of online reports, which uses digital innovations for information exchange, can already be applied in large areas of medicine, serving the major medical specialties. For managers … Read more

Telecardiology: how it works and what its differentials

Specialty derived from telemedicine , telecardiology uses the same principles of information exchange and online communication to facilitate the performance and evaluation of exams, the issuance of reports and the closing of diagnoses. In this case, as the name itself suggests, it is focused on the cardiological area, to attend to and identify heart diseases … Read more

Know the differentials of a good telemedicine system

It is a fact that automated technology and processes are already being widely disseminated in healthcare institutions of all sizes to speed up and lower the costs of the procedures, in addition to qualifying care. Adopting a telemedicine system is one of the strategies for obtaining accurate, fast and even low value reports, an ideal … Read more

Humanized service: how can technology help?

The debate about humanized care has gained increasing strength as technology is implemented in the health area. The use of standardized and automated technical procedures, in addition to larger and more complex hospital structures, contributes to the idea that innovations make the physician-patient relationship colder and more objective. But is not it just the opposite? … Read more