Health service management: how partnerships can scale the business

THE management of health services is an area filled with challenges. Managers co-exist daily with cost reduction plans and new regulations and regulations, so they need to be up-to-date to achieve positive results in an increasingly competitive market. In this context, technology is an important ally of business, both for the organization of work and for the expansion of activities.

Several technologies are advancing in the and transforming the form of care for physicians, patients and managers. This segment of the market has gained the name of Health Tech. According to data from the Transparency Market Research (TMR), the area will move about 530 billion dollars by 2025.

In Brazil, where the Health Unic System serves more than 150 million patients, industry startups have been multiplying. Most of them are focused on developing innovative solutions that help absorb the huge demand of the system, reducing costs and increasing productivity in customer service. This is a trend that already has a direct impact on the quality of life of the population.

Size growth reserves several business opportunities in the management of health services . Even for managers who do not yet have health technology, it is extremely important to follow the market and main technological inclinations of the moment . Partnerships with other companies, hospitals and startups can be the starting point needed to scale the business and keep pace with Health Tech’s exponential growth.

Partners in the management of health services

management of health services Great partnerships are born from the union of companies or organizations with complementary forces. Although the health and technology market is quite diverse, it is possible to create an environment for varied partnerships and collaborations.

However, in order to start scaling up a business, including health, it is important to recognize the strengths of it, and seek a partner who can complement the niches where there are still shortcomings. The ideal is to study the points of attention and highlight of your current company, and in parallel, to perform a benchmarking in search of possible partnerships. In this way, it is possible to invest in strategic actions.

For example, if a clinic or hospital is always busy with the schedule, it may mean that its patient demand is high because it is a local reference, has competitive prices, and so on. At the same time, this can also create a customer group that does not receive returns and is likely to seek more agile alternatives.

In this case, the smart thing to do is seek a partnership with a company that helps to exponentially increase the number of calls made and absorb surplus demand. Partners can provide a health services management system that optimizes employee time, or maximizes the number of tests performed.

Association of technologies and resources

Most of the new health technology initiatives are developed by startups. This is a diverse, dynamic and very fruitful business ecosystem for those looking to develop new business strategies. Startups often have less cast internal structures, which facilitates the search for innovative strategies.

According to one performed study in 2017, there are about 7.5 thousand companies focused on technology in Brazil, and many of them in Health Tech area . But even with the impressive numbers, this market still needs stability. For this reason, startups represent an interesting sector for management of health services .

It pays to identify startups that offer solutions that can help improve business performance. New medical records management software facilitates the work of doctors and nurses, as well as more digital service , while a system of remote examination reports can contribute to further procedures, for example.

THE Telemedicine Portal is a reference in the Brazilian market for the distance reporting sector. We offer the complete service, from the installation and adaptation of the equipment to the adequate training with the collaborators, and the release of the reports on the same day, by renowned medical specialists.

Oxygenate communication and increase awareness of brand

In the marketing universe, the concept of awareness means the public’s awareness of the existence of a brand or product. That is, it is how a company is perceived by its customers and future customers, competition and the rest of the public. Thus, the more people know and develop a positive image of the company, the better results they will get. Today, in an increasingly connected world, a competitive business – from any area – must have a structured digital presence.

In this context, cultivating marketing partnerships can be a great strategy to increase awareness of a brand, oxygenate the industry, and competitively position a health business in the marketplace. But when closing a collaboration agreement, it is interesting to include digital communication deliveries that benefit all involved.

One example is co-marketing actions, when two marketing teams build a joint action and advertise to their customers. This type of partnership requires low financial and time investment, and can have a great result in attracting new customers. It is also a good opportunity to improve employee networking and expand business opportunities.

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