AppAnnie, the state of video games in I quarter 2015

According to the AppAnnie report, the multiplayer is destined to condition the future of videogames, both on a fixed platform (computer and console) and on smartphones

Two billions : many i gamers scattered throughout the world in first quarter 2015 . This is probably the most interesting data that emerges from the report ” How online multiplayer is a game changer “, realized by AppAnnie (company specializing in the analysis of the market for mobile devices) in collaboration with IDC (US giant of market research). However, this is a partial fact: it refers, in fact, only to gamer using the Internet to buy a game or to play online. A preponderant slice of the market, but not a lot of gamers who prefer to play offline and do not fall, therefore, in the statistics.

Presented during the course of E3 2015 , the majority convention in the world dedicated to videogames that takes place every year in Los Angeles, the report also highlights other data worthy of note. The market is growing and mobile devices are becoming increasingly important: between January and March 2015 AppAnnie has 1 billion gamers on mobile platform (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and other mobile operating systems) willing to spend more and more money for buy mobile games . It is no coincidence, therefore, that Nintendo wants to bring on the smartphone and tablet the various Mario, Zelda and the other protagonists of his most successful videogames.

Comparison of operating systems

As emerges from the reports AppAnnie, the world of video games is in the midst of an epochal change. If until a few years ago the fight between videogames platforms was restricted to gaming computer and consul, today a third is present player that seems to have all the credentials to outperform the competition. We are talking, of course, of smartphones and other mobile devices: according to AppAnnie, who will succeed in check the market for mobile games will be able to attract more resources (both economic and human) to be invested for improvements and upgrades software .

Market shares of mobile operating systems

The number of download by online store, traces a very precise physiognomy of the market: mobile phones Android and the Google Play Store they are the master, with as many as 75% of the applications downloaded for the operating system of the green robot. Compared to the first four months of 2014, there was an increase of 4.3%, to the detriment iPhone which, compared to the same period of 2014, lost 2%, remaining just below the 20% share. The remaining market share, just over 5%, is prerogative of Windows, BlackBerry is Symbian (the operating system that fitted the old Nokia).

Market shares and expenditure

Mobile games also have a significant impact in the general economy of the various companies store for applications. In the first quarter of 2015 i videogames represent almost 50% of applications downloaded from the Google Play Store, with numbers slightly increasing compared to the same period of the previous year. nell ‘ App Store instead, the games yes stop at a quota of 30% approximately, down compared to the first three months of 2014.

Percentage of videogames on the total

More importantly, mobile games seem to have the ability to also magnetize budget of gamers who prefer the smartphone to other platforms. 75% of what is spent by iOS users on the App Store goes into mobile games, while the percentage increases to 85% if we analyze the Google Play Store of Android. This despite the store of the Cupertino house is more remunerative than the direct competitor.

Spread of smartphone games divided by continents

The most important market for both competitors is Asia , where both Apple and Google total the majority of their revenues (the share exceeds 50%). The iPhone is also very present in the North American market, compared to Android which stands out in the European market.

Play multiplayer

The report signed by AppAnnie and IDC, however, focuses its attention on a second aspect of the boundless videogame world: video games multiplayer . Sifting through the data of the report, in fact, it turns out that the titles that give the opportunity to compare with others gamers (both offline and online) are the favorites from community of gamers worldwide. To better understand the trend of the sector, the staff of AppAnnie he focused on the Steam gaming platform , analyzing the fifty titles most used by players in May 2015. Of these, as many as 75% support multiplayer, seven out of ten if only the top 10 ( Dota2 , Counter Stike: Global Offensive, Grand Theft Auto V , Team Fortress, just to mention the first in the standings).

Top 10 steam games

Moreover, multiplayer mode is a factor determined for the longevity of the title: analyzing in detail the top 10 of Steam, in fact, it turns out that the first two titles were released respectively in the third quarter of 2013 ( Dota 2 ) and in the third quarter of 2012 ( Counter Stike: Global Offensive ).

Play multiplayer on your smartphone

For some time now, the multiplayer game mode has also made its appearance in the world of mobile devices, going to have a profound impact on the user’s habits of use of devices. As can be seen from the report presented during the E3, the mobile games with mode multiplayer keep players glued to the display for eleven hours a week, one more than applications that do not have multiplayer. Compared to the second quarter of 2013, the time that passes in front of the smartphone has grown by almost two hours.

Favorite categories

Video games along with casino games and puzzles are the genres that lead to the most downloaded mobile games. The sports titles are not part of the classification, a bit surprisingly.

Ranking most downloaded smartphone games

Analyzing the ranking it turns out that only two of the ten most downloaded apps from online store supports the multiplayer , while there are six out of ten mobile games with multiplayer if, instead, the ranking of the videogames economically more profitable. Investing in multiplayer, therefore, brings benefits especially of an economic nature.

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