Atlantykron 2017 – 28th Summer School on “The Island of the Future”

Between 28 July and 6 August, in Capidava, Constanta County, the ATLANTYKRON Summer Academy for Youth, Science, Virology and Science Fiction is the 28th edition.

wearing the generic “Island of the Future” , Atlantykron is the only event of its kind in Romania with a tradition of 28 years and, according to many special guests from abroad, a unique event in the world.

The unprecedented Academy, organized in nature and away from urban civilization, aims at gaining access to knowledge of young people and brings together world-class experts (some of whom have received the Nobel Prize and teach free courses to young people) and state-of-the-art technology on an island which is less than 1 km away 2 . This is where scientific demonstrations and art or communication courses take place, as in any school they do not teach, sitting on the grass under the clear sky below the stars.

Organizers of the current edition a Atlantykron Academy are Center for Complex Studies and World Genesis Foundation in the US in collaboration with CYGNUS Society from Suceava, with National Research Institute for Sport, with Institute of Spatial Sciences, Association for Innovation, with HUP Performance Development Center, with SARS Romania (Search and Rescue Service) and with the support of the magazine Science & Technique .

About 500 young participants, lecturers, guests and organizers from all over the country are expected. Among the guests, they confirmed the presence of leading personalities from science, culture, art or sports in Romania, USA, Slovakia and Italy. Thus, they are expected to attend and support courses or presentations:

  • Alexandru Mironov , writer, journalist, founder of the Atlantykron Program;
  • Prof. Dr. Teodor Vasile , Ph.D. in psychology and alternative medical sciences;
  • Prof. Dr. Leon Zagrean , head of the Department of Physiology of the “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest;
  • Dr. Pierre de Hillerin , Chairman of the Center for Human Performance Development;
  • journalist Val Vîlcu;
  • Lucian Boronea – Vice President of the National Association of Travel Agencies (ANAT) and General Manager of Accent Travel & Events ;
  • master of culinary art Petrişor Tanase;
  • Dan Farcas , writer, mathematician and researcher of the UFO phenomenon;
  • Radu Dop, specialist in “Critical Medicine”, founder member of the Center for Studies for Border Science and the Association of Telemedicine and Space Applications for Health;
  • the writer Aurel Cărăşel ;
  • Maria Sionionescu , Associate Professor at the Space Institute and Astronautical Sciences of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA);
  • Dr. Eliot Sorel , Co-President of the International Psychiatric Association, Task Force;
  • Mihaela Muraru-Pride , writer, president of the Center for Humanism and Human Rights in Romania.

Virtual guests who will hold teleconferences are:

  • Dumitru Dorin Prunariu , astronaut, the first (and only) Romanian ever to fly in outer space;
  • the American researcher Erisa K Stilley (Jet Propulsion Laboratory);
  • Ravi Prakash , JPL NASA engineer, responsible for the Curiosity mission on Mars;
  • Canadian parliamentarian of Romanian origin Corneliu Chişu ;
  • Dr. Florin Munteanu , the founding president of the Center for Complex Studies.

“Over two years, the Atlantykron Academy will celebrate 30 years of existence. This forces us to preserve the tradition and continue the event, which has changed the destinies of thousands of people. Ten days a year, this island brings together the elite of Romania as well as from all over the world. The entire organization team volunteers to co-ordinate this event, but spiritual satisfactions are enormous.

I feel that on this island, where the Academy unfolds, a model of a civil society of the future is prefigured. In 1989 we first landed on the island alongside the writer and journalist Alexandru Mironov and the writer and professor Aurel Cărăşel, accompanied by several science fiction writers and writers, and we decided to organize a camp for the first time SF creation.

Although we were all lovers of anticipation, nor did we think that after this effervescence, I can even call it “Egregora,” the event will turn into Summer Academy and will last for 28 years! ” , points out Sorin Repanovici, general coordinator of the Atlantykron Academy.

According to the organization team of the Atlantykron Academy, people can design the future, most effectively, in the middle of nature – a nature we should never break up with. As a paradox, the mobile telephony signal is not satisfactory in the region, but there is a wireless internet connection on the island and there are hundreds of cutting-edge devices. Many events and ideas are transmitted from the site on the internet and, on the other hand, virtual invitations are being communicated daily via videoconferencing.


The Atlantykron Summer Academy has the following sections: Science, Culture, Art and Sport. Here are some examples, structured on workshops:

1. Science

  • Self-knowledge, personal development and psychosomatic remodeling. Creative reconnection with the self and the Universe (Instructor: Dr. Teodor Vasile);
  • Astronomy and astrophysics (coordinators: Petru Crăciun – physics physicist, school physics inspector, mentor of the Romanian lot for the International Olympiad of Astronomy and Astrophysics, member of the Cygnus Scientific Society, Cristian Pirghie – physician, director of the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Suceava, director of the National Olympiad of Astronomy and Astrophysics, member of the Cygnus Scientific Society, and Bogdan Bănărescu – member of the Cygnus Scientific Society);
  • Active Bricks – Mindstorms – The game as a way of communication and personal development (lecturer: Ştefan Neşiu Bedreag);
  • Biology Road: Amazing Science Experiments (coordinators: Olivia Macovei – biology professor at the “Ştefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, member of Cygnus Scientific Society; Patricia-Ruxandra Mihai – student at “Ion Ionescu de la Brad” University of Agricultural and Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Iasi, member of the Cygnus Scientific Society);
  • Development systems – programming and electronics (coordinators: Dan Milici – PhD, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Suceava, member of the Cygnus Scientific Society, Tudor Andronic – Petru Rareş National College Suceava, member of Cygnus Scientific Society, ISEF USA 2016 finalist and ISWEEEP USA 2017 Raul-Alexandru Hănţăscu – “Petru Rareş” National College of Suceava, member of the Cygnus Scientific Society, ISEF USA 2016 finalist and ISWEEEP USA 2017);
  • Radio Communications (Instructor: Mihai Stanca);
  • The road to ourselves through proprioception (Coordinator: Pierre Joseph de Hillerin , On the side I.S.S and the Center for Human Performance Development) ;
  • F.A.C.T. – First Aid & CPR Training (Instructor: Dr. Radu Ştefan Berca).

2. Culture

  • The Contest of SF prose “Atlantykron supported by MasteCard for the third consecutive year ;
  • Conference sessions supported by Prof. Dr. Teodor Vasile;
  • How to write your future … and to do it (lecturer: Constantin D. Pavel – writer, director of the Pavcon publishing house);
  • The Art of Writing (Junior Instructor: Ana Creanga);
  • Poemgate – literary creation workshop – poetry (The project will be supported by the members of the Adsum Association, represented by Ion Gabriel Puşcă – president and Adina Stoicescu – vice-president and volunteers);
  • When science fiction becomes reality (lecturers: writer Aurel Cărăşel and Sorin Repanovici, general coordinator of the Atlantykron Program);
  • The Science Fiction Round Blanket (instructor: Lucian Cristian Oancea).

3. Art

  • Visual Arts Contest “Aurel Manole” ;
  • Easter painting (Lecturer: Prof. Valentin Ionescu, Assistant: Simona Mişea);
  • The bracelets for survival (junior instructor: Noel-Theodora Vasile);
  • From the world of natural crystals to the world of artificial crystals (junior instructor: Noel-Theodora Vasile);
  • The Language of Art – Creativity through shape and color (junior instructor: Noel-Theodora Vasile);
  • face painting (Lecturer: Prof. Valentin Ionescu, Assistant: Simona Mişea);
  • Interactive photography workshop (lecturer: Adrian Dedu);
  • Workshop for creating masks dedicated to children – In memoriam Arina Prunariu (junior instructor Cristina Repanovici).

4. Sport

  • Martial arts – From Qi-Qong to Ju-Jitsu (Instructor: Prof. Dr. Teodor Vasile);
  • What can I know about the condition of my muscles? (Coordinator – Ph.D. researcher Alexandru Nistorescu, lecturers – Pierre Joseph de Hillerin and Voluntar Simona Stroescu);
  • Skandenberg, darts, badminton, chess, archery, volleyball.


  • Sunday, July 30, starting at 11:00: “The Quantum City for Wise Men” – a conference dedicated to the relationship between the individual and the community, as well as the development and promotion of Danube tourism. At the opening of the Atlantykron Academy, 30 journalists, bloggers and travel agents from Romania and from abroad will come to discover the tourist potential of the Cernavoda region during the weekend of July 28-30 in the “Danube Festival”, an event organized by Innovation Travel and the City Hall of Cernavoda
  • Monday, July 31st
    11:00: “Welcome to Tomorrow’s World” , conference supported by the Science & Technology team;
    evening at 22:00: “Live with NASA” , virtual conference to which Erisa Stilley (Hines) and Ravi Prakash, coordinators of the Curiosity mission, are invited to explore the planet Mars. They will present us with the latest news from the coordination centers and will answer the questions of the participants. The teleconference moderators will be the writer and journalist of science Alexandru Mironov and the coordinator of the Atlantykron program Sorin Repanovici.
  • Tuesday, August 1st
    – 11:00:
    “Human being where?” (Prof. Dr. Leon Zagrean);
    evening at 22:00: “The first 1000 days of life” (Prof. Eliot Sorel, PhD)
  • Wednesday, August 2nd
    11:00: In Search of Hypercivilizations “( the writer and zoologist Dan Farcas);
    15:00: “Culinary Art School” (Petrişor Tanase)
  • Saturday, August 5th
    “The Eclipse Hunter” (Cătălin Beldea, astronomer and astrofotograf Science & Technology)
    “Travel & Technology” (Lucian Boronea, ANAT Vice President and General Manager of Accent Travel & Events, alongside Traian Bădulescu, journalist, tourism consultant, managing partner of Innovation Travel).

The picture and sound director of the Atlantykron Academy is, for 18 years, the experienced sound engineer Mihai Manea (DJ Croco). Member of Barock, has a field experience of about 40 years, working with many Romanian and international artists. Atlantykron also has an informational daily ( Atlantykron , supported by the members of the Adsum Association, represented by Ion Gabriel Puşcă – president and Adina Stoicescu – vice president and volunteers), as well as a radio station broadcasting on the Internet as well.

The organizing team of the Atlantykron Academy consists of Sorin Repanovici (general coordinator), Nicolae Dobre, Cristian Panfilov, Mihai Manea “Croco”, Gabriel Grosu, George Bobarnac, Traian Bădulescu, Bogdan Cismariu, Gabriel Vâlsan, Mihai Oprea, Maria Nicola and Bogdan John.

For more information about the Atlantykron 2017 Summer Academy program and guest list, visit , as well as the official facebook page where we keep you up to date with information, press articles and photos on the spot.


About Atlantykron – short history
The ATLANTYKRON program has been running for 28 years and has been presented with great interest by Romanian media, television, radio stations, newspapers, magazines or publishers. There have been dozens of reports, documentaries, books, movies, and films.
Since 1990, Atlantykron has been in the organization and support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and has received permanent support and support from several Government Institutions and Agencies (ANIF, Forestry, Coast Guard, Constanta County Gendarmerie Inspectorate) from local authorities – Cernavoda City Hall, local economic agents – Nuclear Electricity SA, Elcomex SA. Several non-governmental youth organizations in the country and abroad, such as the Center for Complex Studies, the Romanian Association for Sport and Culture, the IT Forum, as well as some US organizations and institutions, such as the World Genesis Foundation, are involved in this project.
In 1990, a small group of young sci-fi lovers chose this distant island as an ideal, though wild, place where the annual science fiction festival was held, giving them the chance to study and learn from each other. Time has passed, conditions have changed, but the thirst for knowledge and new experiences has remained. After 10 years, the festival turned into a Summer School. Tradition continued, with the support of the Government and non-governmental organizations around the world each year. This year, the Academy celebrates its 28th edition, over a quarter of a century of uninterrupted existence. Among the most important years of the Atlantykron Academy were 1999, when the edition was dedicated to the total eclipse of the sun, 2001 – when the island hosted Eurocon, the European Science Fiction Convention and 2014 – when the Academy celebrated 25 years of existence.
Over time, over 10,000 guests, participants, organizers have been on this island. We mention that the Atlantykron Academy has hosted over the years many personalities, such as SF writers Norman Spinrad (president of the SF and Fantasy Writers Society at the time), Joe Haldeman, Robert Sheckley, Alain LeBussy, Ion Hobana, astronomer Harold Alexandrescu, Ioan Gyury Pascu, Cristian Greţcu, Barock, Genetician Jonathan Cowie, Bridget Willkinson (President of the European SF Society), Biologist Alexandru Ecovoiu, Gheorghe Fodoreanu (former President of the National Association of Tourism Agencies), Peter Moon American writer), astronaut Dumitru Prunariu, naistul Nicolae Voiculeţ, etc.
A movie presentation of the Atlantykron Summer Academy, published on youtube in September 2008, produced and presented by David Anderson, has reached a world record on the number of hits for an educational film. Tagged “Next Generation: Atlantykron,” the movie has now reached 23 million views! In 2014, the organizing team Atlantykron organized in partnership with Innovation Travel and the National Tourism Authority the conference “Danube, the Romanian treasure of tourism”, which brought together over 300 participants and guests. On the day of the conference, Nacional Nicolae Voiculeţ held a memorable concert.
In 2015, Atlantykron Academy received, for its 25 years of work commemorated in 2014, several well-deserved awards, such as the nomination given at the Foreign Policy Gala at the Research Section alongside the Horia Hulubei Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, all laureates the Ad Astra 2014 Prizes and a number of remarkable Romanian researchers from Romania and abroad and the nomination by Radio Romania Cultural in the “Education and Education” section.
Atlantykron is a wild island, a place that for ten days a year has fireworks, electricity connection, high-speed Internet for virtual conferences – science fiction in the early 1990s, large screens on projected images for the first time on Mars and, last but not least, conferences supported by specialists in the fields of science, culture, art and communication.
Every year, before the organization of the event, all state authorities, namely the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Prefecture of Constanta County and the municipalities of the two communities – Cernavoda and Topalu – are notified, together with the specific measures for such events all necessary authorizations. For 10 days, 24 hours a day, the island consists of a 6-member medical team, the Border Police and a private security and protection company to ensure full security for the participants. The organizers and everyone involved in the security area of ​​the participants communicate with each other through the closed-circuit radio system to minimize the emergency response time

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